Friday, 20 February 2015

Club indulge's Valentine's Day masquerade

Last week end me and april went to club indulge which a club for plus size people and those who admire them.
It was our very first going and it was also their Valentine's Day masquerade the club according the map I used was in between St Paul and Bank station so when we arrived at St Paul's station I thought it would be a little bit of a walk to the club but to my surprise it was only two minutes away max and was so easy to find and most of all I didn't get lost which makes a change for me.

The lady who greeted us when we forgot there was both friendly and welcoming, we quickly got our wrist bands and we where given a lock each and every gentleman who arrive would recieved a key and if you found the key to your lock both would win a little prize, unfortunately I never did find out what the prize was as I never found the matching key. 😢

The music wasn't my usal type that I listen to personally but they play a good range of music and there where plenty of song I could get up and dance along to. Everyone I meet there where very welcoming and friendly even if did freak them out a little by have zombies on my dress lol.

Me and April with one of the many lovely ladies we met at the club.

One of the people who run club indulge he was so funning and welcoming plus he let me and April stroke his beard!

The only problem that I felt was either music was too loud and I found it very difficult to talk or even order my drinks, but other than it was a good night I met a few new people and had a wonderful time and would totally recommend club indulge for a good night out.

Camden and 100 % optical

I had full weekend firstly I went to Camden with my friend and sister as I needed to get a new corset as I no longer fit in my current one as I have lost a little weight. I had intended to go to berleska corsets as I had seen them at London edge and was amazed my the different corsets they had and shocked that they went up to my size. Unfortunately I never got to berleska as I had a lot of trouble finding them mostly because I had left the map they gave me at home oops.

Luckily I found this lovely little shop called black widow who sells corset in a large range of styles and sizes and the woman who work there was amazing she knew just by looking at me and my sister what size we were and took the time to find out what we where looking for and which corset would fit us the best. 
She took the utmosts cars in selecting corset that would fit and suit our shape the best  it was the best corset fitting I have ever had as she was so warm, friendly and you tell she had a real passion for what she was doing. The corset might have been a little bit more expensive that I was expecting even though she did give me a little discount but I got a steel boned satin high quality corset and a a great service.

My corset not the best photo but you can see how it really shapes me and feels wonderful on unlike some that feel uncomfortable because they do not fit perfectly.

My sister in her corset I love the leather and chain details and really accentuates her breasts.

Any trip to Camden for me can not be complete without a trip to cyber dog a great place for uv make up and accessories and you got to love there funky clothing I promised my self I would not buy anything this time as I had over spent and I usally go mad and buy lots of bit in cyberdog I was tempted to buy the manic panic hair extensions and a amazing cyberdog T-shirt,  but unfortunately I could not stop myself from buying this lovely pink necklace which was on sale and it would look great with an costume I am planning to do hopefully in the near future couple more item and it is complete.

I was sent to 100 percent optical as part of work to see what the new trends coming up and to get some inspirations for work but I had great time saw a ton of glasses that I want my fravourite company is mo eyewear which is a Spanish company and I fell I. Love with one pair in particular which is not only a glasses but has a clip on sunglasses part which looks absolutely amazing co pared to some of the other clip on sunglasses as they usally look quite out of place and old fashioned where as mo has made the clip look like it is apart of the frame giving it a geek chic feel.

Mo eyewear had quite a few glasses which caught my interest firstly was this lovely pink with blues side frame which is a another pair with that geek feel which suited me which I quite a shock as most geek frame are too dark for my pale complexion and makeme look ill so I was quite impressed plus you could have them as with a nice statement pair of glasses or they would also look great  as sunglasses.

Another pair liked from mo eyewear was this punk frame which was a slightly different from other pair of glasses I had see that day as they as they were slightly different shape I like how they have they geek feel to them but because they are not completely square it gives a softer look on the face and highlights the cheek bones.

Another brand of frames that caught my interest was Ronit Furst, this company is a relatively new company who sell the most amazing hand painted frames.
I loved how there frames where very colourful and each one unique and made a statement I like this blue pair which had four different shades of blue and had lovely painted design on the side.

I also like this cute pastel frame which was pink, green and had a little pale blue as well they where a lovely statement pair for those who want to have something different but don't want to go over the top I think they would are great pair for work or everyday.

Other than looking around at all the new styles and new brands of frames there was also an amazing fashion run way show casing some of the new frames coming out this year.
I have to say the model where amazing they even did a couple of dances on the runway which made it more fun and exciting than other runway show which I have seen.

Plus I love these little black flapper dresses they where wearing they looked waking when the girls where dancing  and really flattered their figures.

There was also a design competition which they where show casing the latest disgn ideas from the young minds from the royal college of arts and they where amazing to see what they had made my fravourite was the glasses rings I thought it was an interesting and quirky idea and I know a few people who would love to own one.

Another idea was the colour changing frames which work the same as transitions glass, I thought it was an great idea it's like having two pairs of glasses in one.

I also thought these whacky glasses frames where so cool and I can see people wearing them.

These where a  cool futuristic feel to them and had the most amazing colour from the light reflecting of them.

Another quirky design I feel like it might have had some art nouveau inspiration.

I like these they are very different and definitely make a statement the problem I see with this frame would be what would be like to look through and would you be able to see clearly?

These where another of the quirky designs and there where mirrors on the top of the far which was help with directing the light to improve vision.

And after along weekend I full of shopping and research I had to finish the weekend on a high with a lovely free glasses of champagne for a just because moment cheers.

Monday, 2 February 2015

London edge part 1

I was one of the lucky few who where selected to take part of the voodoo vixen and jawbreaker bloggers event at London edge trade show. Where I was given a wonderfully amazing voodoo vixen dress which was so lovely the material was thicker than other pin up dresses I have bought so it give the feel that it will really last plus it was very soft to the touch I was one of those dresses you love to fell and touch.

The print was great at first when I saw it the picture I was I like but I am so fussy with print the can't be to large and really hate them if they are too busy and I felt that the dress had pretty much got it perfect for me, I like how there are a few different little kitty cats designs on the dress but yet it didn't feel like it was overloaded with them. I my option voodoo vixen hit the print jackpot detailed and beautiful print without it being over bearing.

After I was given the dress to put on the lovely and talented ladies which they had doing the mini make overs did my hair and make up which was a lovely soft pastel purple eyeshadow and lovely red lipstick top off with victory roll to give me great pin up look. 

Thank you so much girl you made feel really beautiful!!

I also got to hear an interview cat Williams from rock and roll bride who is a totally inspiration for me as I am just started blogging and I great to see a woman who started like me blogging as a hobby in her spare time and now seeing how far she has come, she has set up a magazine inspired by her blog and a blogging academy to help other bloggers.

Oh I loved the bloggers area where the interview was held mostly because they where supplying me with champagne and it was a great to meet and chat with some other blogger other than my friend and to discuss about all the different blogs and to get some advice as I was starting out.

We also recieved a lovely goodie bag filled to the brim with amazing bits!

A few of my fravourites from the goodie bag is the Is the wonderful Banned apparel cardigan which I was the first thing I noticed it, I love the little cup cake design. I found the sizing quite generous and the fabric was soft and felt good against the skin.

I also like the jawbreaker scarf which I was given it was like the had picked all my fravourite colour and combined them into a scarf just for me! I have worn it everyday since London edge.

The biggest shock for me was the cherry loco necklace as I have bought a few necklaces from the in the past and I have been trying to decide for a while which necklace I should get next it has been between the iron man or the cat one for a while now I don't need to decide and I can have both as i was lucky enough to get the cat in the goodie bag woohoo plus I know what I'm treating myself to on payday.

I also recieved this beauty from miss candy floss In the goodie bag and I do have a thing for hair fascinators they go so well with anything to add that little bit extra to an outfit and this pretty was not exception I love the hibscus flower they used to grow in my garden when I was a child until moved a few years ago and it being pink my fravourite colour. 

The Asgard bracelet at first wasn't really that interesting to me compared to some of the items I that where in the goodie bag it wasn't until I took a good look at I saw how well crafted the bra let was and all the lovely details and the more I look at it the more I grow to love this bracelet especially as it's not my usally style of jewellery that I would choose. It had a good weight to to it so it feel nice to wear and you feel the quality in the weight so I not so afraid to break it as I am terriably clumsy and alway catching my bracelets and rings usally breaking in the process.

The only bad part thing about the day was that we couldn't stay for longer at the after party as we had to be up early for work the next day, but we where able to stay for a few drinks and we had a wonderful day! 

Fat positive London plus size clothes swap

Me and my sister had a massive clear out of clothes we don't wear including quite a few which had never been worn and still had there tags on. It felt like a waste having all these wonderful clothes that were just stilling in a wardrobe gathering dust so when we came across the fat positive clothes swap we thought it would be a great idea of taking most of the clothes we had been about to get rid of there as we would rather go to people we know would love them then through them away, in the end we took a whole suit case full plus two bag of clothes to the swap we also had a bag full which we gave to our local charity shop as we couldn't carry anymore with us that day.

When we arrived we got there we walked past swap three times as we keep missing it  stuiped gps kept telling too walk further than we where to far, put eventually we found it and we where greeted by the lovely ladies who had set it up and helped us put out all the clothes which we had brought. 

The thing I really like was how well they had organised the layout of the clothes they had set up a table of every size so it was so easy to find things in your size and to put things out. A previous clothes swap I had been to in the past had pretty much just put every thing on yo one big table and you had to rummage and try to find your size.

I did find it completely surreal watching people fall in love and try on your clothes it was full of mixed emotions remembering how I had loved the clothes when I had first saw them and even times I had worn but on the other hand  I had a warm feel knowing they where going to a good home and would be loved and used not stuck at the back of the wardrobe.

I went a little mad and made a dash for this amazing donation of a leather biker jacket in my size as I have always wanted a leather jacket but either couldn't afford it or they never had my size in stock i was seriously thankful to the lady for such an amazing donation I can tell her with certainty I will be well loved and worn often.

I also fell in love with this amazing joe brown dress which was brand new the lady had never worn it and I still had its tag and a plus is it go great with the biker jacket I got.

I also got a lovely Beth ditto top from the swap which looks amazing with my biker jacket totally rock chic feel to it.

I also got a joe brown jumper in my fravourite colour good for the cold winter days 

Not only did I get some amazing thing so did my sister she got two yes two gorgeous corsets one was denium so great for every day wear the second was a great pleather corset which would be an excellent addition to the club wear outfits.

This april trying on the corset at the clothes swap and the wonderful lady who hand made her corset helping lace april up.

Yes that me trying on april new corset which fet her perfectly my is just a little big on the bust for me or I would have totally borrowed and never returned. 

Other than the amazing people and wonder full time we had I also have yo say the vegan brownie that they where selling there which was hand baked was amazing totally chocolaty and still gooey.