Monday, 16 March 2015

Club AntiChrist

When to March's AC with my sister and the theme was horns, mask and high heels

I have to say this was the worst AC I have been to in the past few years Firstly my costume didn't arrive in time so had find so thing last minute but eventually I but together a few items and it kindawant together. 
I had some hysteria machine winter horn and put it together with my old PVC dress and worn a pair of white heels hoping they matched the horns.

The only thing that went right was the make up, We used the horn God as inspiration thinking of vines and leaves and it grew from that idea and turned out I think pretty awesome in my opinion.

After the torture of trying to sort out the outfit I then start come down with the flu during AC so I couldn't really enjoy myself as I spent most of the night shivering or feeling extremely tired. 

I was also not a fan of the new compare he kept getting caught in the wires and wasn't as entertaining as previous compares, he seemed to not be organised and I was a little miffed that he said an act would start in 10 minutes do I went to get a drink and he then introduced them just as I got to the bar so I ended up missing a bit of the act, I was upset that there was no satan strip show that is always my fravourite act. 

The positive thing of the night was they where Playing the labyrinth in the cinema which is one of my all time favourite movies and I got to catch up with quite a few of my lovely AC friends who are alway amazing and there was some great music played by the DJs.

Ann summers bondage for beginners

The other week I took part in a bondage for beginners workshop held in Ann Summers Oxford Circus branch.

I first greeted by the lovely people who work in branch as I was a little early I was able to have a quick chat with some with the workers who where very friendly and kind.

When the workshop was about to begin we where greeted by these lovely half naked gentlemen who gave us a glass of champagne and kept our glasses topped up for the rest of the night.

The host for the night was the amazing Alix fox who was showing us the basics of bondage starting with the Safe, Consentual and Sane (SCS) which the must do before you begin any bondage play. 
She also gave me some different ideas which to try at some point in time like heat play, different ways to use objects.

An to top the night off we were all given certificates which I had to frame and hang in my bed room it was a great night night out and very informative totally recommend anyone with a interest in BDSM to give it a try.