Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Lush goodie bag

After the lush VIP event we were given a goodie bag each as we went home, I was so excited to see what was in the bag I couldn't wait till I got home and so I open it on the train.

When I spend the bag inside was a box wrapped in one the of Lush's scarfs which are made from 100% recycled plastic yet they feel so soft.

To my surprise there was more than just a box but a few other items as well which included steeping stones foot scrub, rub rub rub shower scrub, Sakura bath bomb, mask of magnaminty face mask and sunblock sunscreen wash as well as the butterfly gift box.

The irony was that rub rub rub, mask of magnaminty and Sakura bath bomb were all my favourites and I had only bought a new set the previous week. 

I was a little more patient with opening the butterfly (mostly because it told me what was inside on the box) so I waited till I got home to open it. Inside the butterfly gift box is the sultana of soap and Ro's argon body conditioner, which I can't wait to try out.

Here a picture of everything I got from the lush VIP event including a few item I bought which where exclusive from the Oxford street branch brought over for a limited time.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Lush VIP event

The other day I won tickets for the lush VIP event to celebrate the opening of their new Stratford City branch along with April and Jodie who were also lucky enough to win.

In the VIP event we got to see the new store first and I have say it's a hit it looks fantastic and is much more spacious than the previous store. I was talking to one of the the member of staff and they said that all the wood that they had used for the displays and till area was reclaimed which was a big hit with me and I loved the rustic feel it gave the store. 

The first thing we did was to have our hands massage using the same treatment that they uses for the lush spa which was let slip will be one of my birthday presents this year, so I got a little sneak Peak. The treatment that they were using was called the comforter which is a chocolate inspired and smells lovely and left my skin feeling so soft.

We also got to make our own comforter bath bars which we could take home and it was so fun to do even if mine did turn out a little weird and nothing like the professionally made ones.

I had a look around and there where quite a few products that I hadn't seen in the previous store or where new. My favourite was ocean salts non self persevering, I have used the self preserving before but this one has larger pieces of salt and a completely different texture.

I also a fan of the #gayisok soap bar to promote LGBT pride and support equal marriage and rights for those in the LGBT community, I had to buy one to show my support because I believe love has no barriers.

I also loved the new bath bomb display its so much bigger and more organised than the previous stores.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Out fits of the month

My favourite outfit I gave worn this month was the ASOS curve dress I with to the pub for my friend birthday i felt really comfortable and it has now become my go to dress for the summer.

My other favourite out fit of the month was the costume I wore psycho ward it turned out better than I was expecting and I had a really good night. My picture is now apart of their cover photo for the next event in October, can't wait already planning the next costumes.

Saturday, 27 June 2015


This post is about my goals for the next six months.

My first goal is to get a new job as I have recently been made redundant from my previous work place, fingers crossed should happen soon already had one interview.

My second goal is to blog more other than the June challenge I have been quite sporadic with my post so I am aiming to try to blog at least once a week.

My third goal is to be more social with other out side my circle of friends as I can be quite antisocial at times and want to start getting out there and meeting new people.

My last goal for the next six months is to be more body positive and try out different clothing styles as I tend to stick to what I know works for me and want shake it up a bit, maybe even try on/wear a bikini which I have never done before.

Wish me good luck with these I think I might need it :)

Friday, 26 June 2015


I thought for today's selfie blog instead of just post one or two random selfies I thought I would show how my hair has changed over the last couple of months.

I started out with blonde hair  which I liked but was a lot of up keep.

I then dyed it pink mostly out of boredom and felt like a change my favourite of all the colours I ever been but unfortunately is only semi permanent. 

My current colour is now black as I could not go to a interview with pink hair. I don't know how long I will last as black as I am already thinking of going back to my natural hair colour.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Life lessons

What I have learn over my years on this planet 

My first lesson is be your true self, everyone is a unique and special and cannot be replaced and those who don't like you true self are not right for you.

The second lesson I have learned is that it will pass no matter how bad things get, I have seen my fair share of struggles in this lifetime with a little bit of faith and time you can get pass things.

The third lesson is asking for help when you need it is not a sign of weakness everybody need help at sometime in their lives and someone else can see the problem with a different view point so may be they can see something that you can not.

The forth lesson is that it's our struggles and scars of the past that make us how we are, I know for a fact that I would be a completely different person if I had never experienced even one of the struggles I have gone through.

The fifth lesson is that beings positive brings about positivity and negativity bring negative so adopt a positive attitude and try not to let people get you down.

My last lesson is that you can't please everyone so don't try to just try to be the best possible person you can be and the people who truly count will you be by your side and there will be people who dislike   You for no apparent reason that is their problem not yours.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

eBay bargain

I haven't bought much from eBay for a while now the last thing I bought was this cute little owl backbag for my friend for just over £5 and she loves it so much she asked me to get one for each of her nieces.

Another bargain I recently purchased from eBay was this beautiful corset for the making value of £9 new with tags.
I though was a under bust when I was bidding and I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived it was and It turned out to be over bust as I was looking to buy one later on that month so that saved me even more money.

My last eBay bargain I have had in the last few week was a large collection of extra fine glitter I got nearly 50 small pots in variety of colour for only £6, where as I usally have to pay £1 an pot. I use the glitter for some of our cosplay make up.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Summer lip stick

In the summer other than the red I wear of a nights out which  I wear all year round, I tend to switch to a natural tone lip stick and the one I'm favouring at the moment is golden spice from oil of Olay. 

What I like most about is that it is very moist, very long lasting, has a wonderful shine to it, I wear it all day and I rarely need to top up the colour.
It is great colour for a natural look make up for use with every day wear or even with a nice smoke eyes look it  would be good for a evening out, so a very versatile lipstick.

Other than that I usually just wear lip balm either the pearly shine for that splash of colour or hydro care both from Nivea they are my preferred brand of lip balm as I feel that niveas lip balm make my lips feel nice and soft and repair my dry damaged lips better than others I have tried in the past and I have tried quite few over the years and this is the product I always go back to as it just works for me.

Sunday, 21 June 2015


Each month I recieve a mystery box from crown and glory known as the glitterati, Full of the most amazing hair accessories. Each month the glitterati has a different theme and comeswrapped with glitter tape so I know straight away when it has arrived.

This months themes was pretty easy to guess as soon as I saw the confetti of palm trees, pineapples and turtles and it was tropical themed!

As soon as I unwrapped the pink paper i squealed with delight, As underneath the card which tells me what I was sent all I could see where orchids which is one of my favourite flowers and a lot of pink.

I then looked through the box and saw some of the most amazing bits and it felt like this months box had been hand picked for me almost all where pink my favourite colour or my favourite flowers, p.s  isn't that hummingbird fascinator the most amazing thing you've seen.

I had to try them on they where so beautiful!

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 20 June 2015


My outfit fit of the day was this lovely ASOS curve dress which I got from the London clothes swap back in may, where I instantly fell in love with it.

I was out with my friends at a local pub for a few drinks to celebrate my friends birthday and thought that this dress would be a excellent to wear for the event as it a really good smart casual look to it.

I top with a lovely PVC fronted waterfall cardigan from yours clothing and some  pumps from Primark.

Day 20 of blog everyday in June challenge.

Friday, 19 June 2015

A letter

This suppose to be a letter to my wobbly bits but I think with everything I have been through over the last couple of months I want to write a letter to all of me.

Dear me 

I know you have had your ups and downs but try not to let it get to you.

I know that sometime you feel very self concious about your body and have experienced some nasty comment because of the way you look but you are beautiful the way you are so don't be afraid to draw attention to your self wear what you want to wear not what you think will cause less people to call you names, it's there problem not yours if they don't like your body.

When your having a bad day and you feel upset for no apparent reason, please don't hate yourself for it everyone goes through days like this and it will pass and  Don't let the negativity of others get to you if they hate rise above it.

Don't blame your self for the things that you know are not your fault there was nothing you could have done that would have changed the outcome and your are not a cursed not never find happiness, you will look for the small bit of happiness in each day and soon they will bring the more happiness into your life.

Remember what nan used to call you her beautiful little star and that you could brighten up the darkest night because you are a beautiful, smart, kind, generous and loving person and if they can't see that they are not worth your time and there will plenty of other people out there who can.

I want to make some promises for the time being

*promise to remember you are beautiful the way you are now!
*promise to to at look at what make you happy everyday.
*promise not blame yourself for all the things that go wrong.
*promise not let other negativity get to you.


Tammy x

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Throwback Thursday

Here's a picture that is extremely old I was still in school I won't say how long ago it was exactly, it was from my brothers 18th birthday party and I had to be just 16 at the time. 

I remember those trousers they where burgundy with gold sequin detail on the legs a would wear them every chance I could and it paired with a black glitter off the shoulder top, I don't know how I thought this as my favourite outfit to wear.

It was also just after the first time I dyed my hair as you can't see the natural blonde and ginger highlights and because I used to get teased because of them I dyed my hair a slightly dark brown so it was all one colour, now people pay money to have what I had naturally.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

5 top apps

My top 5 apps 

1. Bloggers app is my number 1app at the moment as it allows me to write a blog post or ideas for my blog while I'm on the move.

2. Facebook is another favourite app as it allows me to keep connected with my friend and family, especially as most of my family is scattered across the world.

3 Instagram allows me to post my favourite pictures and share them with people and I can also link with my Twitter and Facebook makes it easier to share.

4. eBay app is great for me to look up for some nice bargains and I have gotten quite a few deals on there over the years. 

5  the netflixs app u last of my top 5 it's great for my down time to watch a quick TV episode or even watch a movie on the tablet with a friend. I am really into their sense8 show and grace and frankie shows they are really good.

Day 17 of the blog everyday in June challenge.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Mid month lust list

My mid month lust list

First and foremost is still the lovely tropical print dress from voodoo vixen which I have loved since curvey convention.

It can be found  here

The second is this colourful number from yours clothing, it's my favourite colour and I love the lace detail on the sides.

It can be found here

I also fell in love with this gypsy style dress from ASOS curve, even though it's not my usual style I really have come to like it and I am a great lover of lace Trim it really makes the dress stand out for me.

can be found  here

I saw that lady voluptuous has started to sell skirts not just dresses and I have to have the pink rose pattern as I don't own a skirt. I Like the rose pattern nice bold print yet I feel will go with just about any of my tops.

can be found here

Day 16 of blog everyday in june challange

Monday, 15 June 2015

My day

Today's pretty much a quite day for me as I don't have work so I didn't get up til 8:30am, which is a pretty good lay in for me.

I then started cleaning my room and doing so washing as I couldn't do it yesterday's because of the rain and I was volunteering to help out with a fun day for the 800th anniversary of the back Magna Carta. 

After cleaning up I then had a wash and got dressed I decide to wear a plain black maxi dress I got from Evans ages ago and tied my hair a pony tail something nice and simple for my day off.

I Then got a nasty email from My pet insurance as I cancelled the policy which really up set me it's not even been two weeks since I had to give prince up and I had contacted them about the situation they where just being rude and nasty, so I phoned them up and they unhelpful in fact I had to get mum mother to call them back as I was in tears having to explain what had happened and they where just so heartless we eventually sorted things out but recommend not using purely pets insurance no sympathy or compassion at all.

I then had lunch with my mother and sister in our favourite cafe and We then went food shopping.

I also received a call from two different recruitment agencies one say saying there is a temp job in my local hospitals HR department and second was for correspondence assistant, so fingers crossed I have a new job soon. :D

Then I cleaned the kitchen before starting dinner today we are having home made Chinese of sweet and sour stir fried chicken with rice and I have be request to bake a lemon drizzle cake from my mum as she fancies some but we forgot to buy eggs when we went shopping so oops so baking for me when I finish work tomorrow.

I then watch the season finale of game of thrones I won't give any spoilers for those how have yet to see it but wow that ending can't wait for the next season.

I then having a bath with a lovely lush bath bomb and then I'm going to bed as I'm on duty tomorrow so good night.

Day 15 of the blog everyday in June challenge.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

psycho ward

I went to psycho ward this weekend it's a nightclub but also like a interactive themed night it's set in resistance gallery in Bethnal Green, which was a little hard to find as it was not signposted very well. I was only there second time this event has ever been held and form what I experienced I do t thinks it's going to be the last.

When we arrived we where welcomed by a kind woman whom we chatted we the went into the bathroom to put the finishing touches to our costumes, and they have the most amazing wall paper it's made from old comic book and games sleeves.

I spent ages trying to find my favourite characters there was wolverine. Superman, Loki and the green lantern.


We dresses as crazy nurses to go with the theme, so we put on our nurses costume from a previous night out and applied bandages to our face and arms then covered with fake blood to give that extra effect and if I do say so my self I think it looked amazing.

Once we had finished getting ready we then had our "appointment" with the doctor/nurse where they diagnosed our conditions mine was empathy and we where then give our treatment in form of pill (tic tac's), fake injection or the best was if we where given our medicine (a clove flavoured shot drink which was yummy). It was really fun to have the interactive part and the doctor and nurses where really into there roles.

There was also performances going on throughout the night, my favourite was the amazing marmie scarlet who I have seen perform a number of time and she is always a pleasure to watch and this time was no exceptions.

A few pictures of all the performers from the night

I had a wonderful time at psycho ward and I will be going the next one once its announced, even though it was a much smaller venue and a lot less people than where we usually go to but everyone was so welcoming and friendly. It reminded me of when I first went to club AC and how I was made to feel at home there and now I feel apart of the AC family rather just a bunch of regulars at a club. 

A few psycho ward selfies 

Favourite picture

My favourite picture of my self is quite a few years old it's been approximately 8 years since it's taken.

The picture was one of a number of picture I got from when my sister won a free photo shoot in London. We went to the place the photo shoot was being held and we where given a nice warm welcome they even offered us a drink while we wait for our turn with hair and make up.

We then whent into hair and make they let us choose they type of style we wanted I choose to go for a smokey eye make up with curly hair as at the time I usually only used natural make up and would straighten my hair from time to time. The lady whom was doing our make up was really friendly and so talented.

After our make up was done we where introduced to our photographer for the day we then changed into our first of four outfits we had brought for the photo shoot she then choose the best set for the type of clothes we were wearing, for what I was wearing on the picture she choose a set with gold and cream curtain back ground to compliment what I was wearing.

There where quite a few sets we used including a garden where I had another picture, a club seen with microphone which me and april both had a picture taken plus there was a bed room seen with a pole which april had to have a picture taken in. 

The photographer was so professional I love everyone of the pictures she took of me but I only had a couple of pictures free for the competition and didn't have the money then to buy all of them I saw a broke student. Plus she was so funny I remember me and april spending most of our time at the photoshoot laughing our head off because of something the photographer had said.

The photo shoot was such a great day I look back on it with such fondness as I was the beginning of me becoming body positive as it was the first time I truest felt beautiful and I looked amazing in the pictures, It is also one of the few pictures of me with my natural hair colour as soon after I had the photo shoot I dyed maid pink for the first time.

Day 14 of the blog everyday in June challenge.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

What makes me happy

A list of 13 things that make me happy

1 my family they may annoy me most of the time but I still love them 

2 my best friends been friends since primary school more like a sister than a friend 

3 all my friends because they are fantastic bunch of people their a little weird but so am I 

4 hugs from my "baby" cousins (they maybe legally adults but they will always be the baby cousins)

5 baby hugs I love hugging my friend and family children they are so sweet and cute.

6 playing board games I like to play games with my friends really cheer me up and I am not in least bit competitive when it comes to rumikub. 😅

7 reading I love to read a good book preference on fantasy or romance at the moment I reading the newest black dagger brotherhood novel.

8 watch a movies with friends all we need is popcorn and a good chin wag and great time had.

9 listening to music can really cheer me up a good song and dance sometimes is the best cure for the blues.

10 baking I love to bake cake mostly even though 90% of the time I don't get any as I take my cakes to share at the local community centre or my brother will eat a load of them.

11 shopping I love go shopping try on new things making a day out of it lots of fun.

12 hair accessories they make me feel really good as when I put the effort into making my hair to look good it make feel good no matter what people say and I only have hair accessories.

13 prince woo my dog I  would had this at number 1 but now that his gone it's not the same, prince woo alway made me feel loved and happy when I was down even now that his no longer with me I still love him unconditionally and feel happy when I see his pictures or think about him.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


My outfit of the day is this lovely  which made me feel like a fairy princess which I worn to my friends birthday get together

It's a a lovely pink dress from Samya which was one of my birthday present and I love the flower  pattern and it has a lovely cut really comfortable and material is nice and don't and has a good quality feel to it.

The pink legging from yours clothing I own like six different pairs and they are quite generous in the size I actually have to go down a size when buying your leggings so they fit ☺️.
My shoes are iron fist which I got from sports direct surprise surprise I love the unicorn bunny pattern and they are really comfortable and pretty true to size my fravorite pair of shoes I own.

And it's all topped off with my crown and glory butterfly and flower garland crown which made feel like a princess the most I love the colour and I huge fan of crown and glory hair accessories.
 Sorry it's such a rushed post currently getting ready for psycho ward I'll post about it later.