Sunday, 26 July 2015

Proud sister at style xl

This weekend just gone I was at style xl with my sister April who was one of the lovely models for the event. she looked amazing the whole day and it was only her second time doing any type of modelling and I knew she was extremely nervous and excited for the event, but she did a great job.

April's first catwalk show was for Topsy Curvy and looked quite stunning in a black track suit with glitter detail. It was quite shock seeing her in a track suit as I don't think she has worn one since we had to for PE in high school, which was a little while ago. 

She also got to model for lady volumptous wearing there Cosette dress which she has had her eye on since it first came online and she did not want to change out of the dress  and  now I have been hinted at a number of times that it would be a great present for her upcoming birthday.

She also got to model for scarlet and Jo as a last minute add on as they thought she looked amazing in one of their new designs, which she was just trying on at the moment the other models where going on to the catwalk and so was basically thrown on to the cat walk.

I am most proud of her as she was one of the VIP models for Curvy Kate lingerie in the evening event. I know this took April courage as it was the first time she had ever done anything like this, she hasn't even worn a bikini before.

She looked fantastic even though she was incredibly nervous but yet still rock the catwalk in this cute baby doll and her mis match underwear set.

April was very brave and was an inspiration for a few of the other women at the event looking confident and fabulous all day. We can't wait for the next style hopefully next year as we had a blast.

Friday, 17 July 2015

July glitterati in boxing

I'm  Sorry haven't written a post for a little while now I have just started my new job woohoo! It amazing I'm not working as a receptionist for the mental health team and so far I am loving my new job.

A couple of weeks ago pretty much on my first day of my new job I received this months glitterati from crown and glory. This months theme took me a while to figure out it, at first I thought it might be food inspired as it has little hot dog on the sticker but nope that wasn't it and I was confused by the star confetti, I thought what's did hot dogs and stars have to do with each other.

I was still a little confused about the theme but the accessories did not confuse or disappoint me I loved them.

the lovely striped head scarf was the first thing that caught my attention I just adore the colour.

The doughnut hair slide it looked so delicious I can't wait to wear it. 

A Minnie Mouse hair clips not Mickey Mouse where so cute.

And my favourite from this box was the stars hair clip it looks so amazing on and goes well with just about anything.

It was now I figured the theme when I picked up the fabulous large bow hair band I could fully see the crepe paper in it red, white and blue and it clicked it was America/ 4th of July theme I felt like a idiot that it too me so long to figure out but I might have been a little distracted by all the pretty hair accessories.

Hopefully I will get my next post up quicker and I will try to make my past as regular as possible.