Friday, 7 August 2015

High light from style xl

Here are a few of the top high lights from style XL other than meeting a bunch of the most fabulous women I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

The best thing I enjoyed the most and took quite a bit from was the body positive work shop which was held on the second day of Style XL and was hosted by daisy from I will not wrap myself up in smocks and apologies blog it was very informative and thought provoking.

My fravourite outfit from the catwalk was this lovely bikini from chubby cartwheels, an American brand which sent a few items from there new collection and just love how quirky the bikini is.

I also fell in love with this dress from A Rose like this design which was her first collection of clothes she has deigned and she has done a fantastic job they look wonderful. I love how she has used different patterns and put them together and yet they look great. 

I also loved her see through kaftan dress which would be great to wear on holiday with a cute bikini or swimsuit. 

I also liked this dress from clairebella's closet which was a sneak peak of one of her own designs, the material looks lovely and I love the colour.

I also loved watching the model XL pageant during the evening my favourite category was when they had to make and outfit from either recycled materials or charity shop finds  and it had represent them as a person as well. They where all fantastic but then two that stood out to me was from Sarah and Sian (the winner of the pageant) who made dresses from paper and shopping bags yet they both looks amazing in them and did such a fabulous job.

August glitterati unboxing

This months glitterati was a collaboration with sugar and vice and the theme was obvious from the second I opened the box and saw the cute little Unicom sticker.

With this month there was a print which is so cute it on my side board on full display.

The second I opened completely all  I saw was a lot of glitter.

I love the rainbow glitter hair clip I can't wait to find a excuse to wear it.

I also love the the love Bobby pins which I know will go great with the nautical booby pins from the previous glitterati.

I am also in love with this unicorn wing hair slide which is very pretty I love how it shimmers in the light. 

I like the sugar and vice unicorn hair band but I know I won't get a chance to wear it as it has already been borrowed by sister and for some reason I do think it's going to be returned.

I am unsure about the unicorn hair extensions as I have never used before and it going to be a challenge to see how I am going to use them.