Sunday, 31 May 2015

June blogger challenge

I came across daily blogger challenge for the month of June on my big fat blog and I thought it was a great idea and I would like to take part in, so here is my post for today's and the theme for todays challenge is the reason behind your blog name.

My blog name is my real name it actually took me ages to come with anything as I kept drawing blank on a name or its was already taken, so I thought about what I want this blog to represent and the answer was simple I wanted it to be about me as I am take it or leave it and I didn't and don't really expect anyone to be reading my blog. 

I feel like my blog is almost like a self help tool for my depression  I like writing down all the about the positive things I've done and when I've had a great day out I then look back on them on my bad days and say it will pass and I also feel like I don't have hide anything on here so this is me Tammy-Michelle.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Manic panic hair dye

Ok I tried manic panic hair dye for the first time the other week I've been dying my hair since I high school and I have only ever used conventual hair dye that you find in the supermarkets such as live colour, nice and easy ect, but a while ago I was introduced to manic panic by a friend and I was really into there against animal testing and completely surprise and love the fact that the hair dye is completely vegan friendly I had to buy one.

I've been building up the courage to dye my hair epically as it's such a dramatic colour and will make such a statement and as I have been going through a bad time with things at the moment so I thought now is the time to make a change so decided I give it a go.

I heard that it get everywhere and on everything but I didn't have any problem all I got was a small bit on my arm and neck which came off with a little scrubbing like any normal dye I've used in the past, the only town side is that bevause it's only semi permanent it did run a bit after I washed my hair I solved that by putting my hair up in a clip after washing my hair until I need to dry it.

The pot recommend leaving in for 30 minutes where I actually left for a little longer and I did apply the heat from a hair dryer as recommend to help give a more vibrant colourso After approximately 50 or so minutes I rinsed out with cold water as I heard that the cold water help lock the colour in better.

so far I had fushsia shock colour hair for three weeks and I don't see any fading in the colour as yet and my hair still feel nice and soft and never it did not have that horrible smell that you that you usually get after you've coloured your hair. 
I would totally recommend manic panic not only did take beautifully on my hair it was easy to use and I didn't even use the whole pot so I have some left over for when I need to touch up the colour I like so much in I've just bought the purple haze for my sister as she loves how well my hair has turned out.

After three weeks still looking nice and bright 😆

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Mcm London comic con

This weekend just gone I got to release my inner geek at the London mcm comic con where I dressed up as in a Star Trek uniform which I made using a on old dress which I think turn out great especially as it was last minute.

I went with my best friend, her fiancée, my cousin and my sister it was wonderful to have us all together again as it's been a while since we all able to just hang out together. We really need to do more anime/ movie marathon nights.

The best thing at comic con is how great everyone looks dressed up in their and my favourite characters the best costume in my opinion was the guy who was dressed up as pikachu co splaying as Thor it was ingenious and I could do it those suits are notoriously hot but he looked great.

Here are some more great costumes from the day

We got to see the delorean from back to the future and the bat mobile from Arkham Knight.

Not only did they have a bat mobile they had a display of some funky batman costume on display as well but they where mean and would let me have the punk and orange one :(

We also got to see a world premiere clip of the new predator dark ages movie and I have to say it look like it going to be a good movie and they had a epic predator cosplayer to help promote the movie.

There was also a hello kitty area which I want allowed to spend to much time in as they said I was starting to get weirder than normal is that even possible? Lol

There was the usually dragon ball cosplay group photo where everyone has to do the dragon ball pose and the classic dragon ball scream/shout.

I had to cuddle the life size baymax from big hero six even though I'm pretty sure we where not suppose to but no one stopped me expect a small child who wanted a photo with him. 

I had such a great time at comic con there is alway such a fun and accepting atmosphere  where you can be completely weird like walking around with a hello kitty balloon hat or give a giant hug to a statute.

I have to leave on this note I love this guys costumes to amazing and there some much detail but AM IRON MAN !!

Curvy con

Haven't posted anything for a while so sorry been really busy with work and stuff just haven't had much free time time but I managed to get a weekend off finally and I was able to go to the first ever curvy convention in London.

I had such a great time was with my sister april of Vampira246 and my friend Jodie who is the creator of be a goddess blog.while at curvy con we got to meet some lovely people including the amazing people behind Nicky rockets tshirts and few of the lovely bloggers I have been following but had yet to meet including the wonderful debz from not so secret diary of a wannabe princess and the amazing betty from pamper and curves.

My friend Jodie was the guest bloggers for voodoo vixen and she looked amazing in the Katnis dress and matching cardigan so jealous of her as I am a huge fan of voodoo vixen dresses.
Get this dress here 

There was a wonderful catwalk show going on all day and I have to show a few of my favourites from the day first being the dress I want/need to get from voodoo vixen, I just love the tropical print and it has a stretch back which different from other voodoo vixens I have seen great for those like my deal sister and friend whom have ample breast and find difficult to find outfits that fit without squishing there bosoms.

Get this dress here

I also love this dress from simply be the colour is amazing and I had to go over to there stall and feels lovely and soft it lucky they didn't have my size as I would have spent the last of my money on it. I love the glitter band that gives a little definition.
Get this dress here

another popular brand that had a catwalk was ASOS curve who where show casing their summer collection for this year and I fell in love with these bikinis  I cant choose which one I prefer the white or the coral but either way the girls looked stunning in them.

get them from here 

Figure 8 catwalk was hosted by Lisa Riley to promote her new exclusive collection coming out later in the year she looked great in the dresses she wore on the cat walk but my favourite dress from was this lovely blue dress I liked the cut out shoulders and glitter effect I see myself wearing it for an evening out somewhere special.

Get this dress here 

There was also the big day show casing a few of their wedding dresses which they all looked so amazing it.This one was my favourite by a small amount mostly because it had this lovely shimmering effect on the bottom that reminds me of clouds it looked stunning on her. 
check them out here

The last cat walk show I saw was for Nicky rockets t shirts and its hard to choose my favourite as I naughtily bought my favourite from their collection them on they day and I have say it's a very comfortable t shirt and the kitty is so cute!
Get the t shirt here

If I had to choose another Nicky rockets t shirt from the catwalk it would be the invasion of the killer curves and the only reason I didn't get at curvy con was because they sold out of my size :(.

Get t shirt here 

It was a wonderful day a curvy con meets some interesting people and getting see beautiful clothing the organisers did a great job especially at it was their first convention and I would like to give them a great big thank you.

Here are some more highlights from the day 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

London edge part 2

It's taken me a while to finally get this section posted mostly because I lost my camera and with the majority of the pictures I had taken on the day I had found out that my brother had "borrowed" the camera a while ago and had for got give it back to me so I am apologising for the lateness of this post.

Firstly my highlights from the cat walk show at London edge 

My favourite pieces mostly came from banned apparel 
I like this dress not only because it one of my favourite colours but I like the pineapple pattern.

I like this dress it's another wonderful tropical print and I love the neck line which is similar to that of the kitty dress from voodoo vixen.

I fell in love with this backpack from banned even though it's technically for me I love it and the hood is a great idea in fact after London edge I bought this backpack and it in another colour.

A few from the alchemy collection 

This a lovely wiggle dress and the rose pattern is really striking

  This I a beautiful classic punk/goth style dress which I love especially the chain detail.

I was very surprised how much I like this jogging suit from alchemy as I usually hate jogging suit with a vengeance but I loved this one it is a nice faded black colour and has a wonderful diamanté design on the back which unfortunately I didn't get a great picture of.

After the cat walk I went around looking all the different stall and found a few interesting items 

The first stall I looked at was for banned apparel as they had such great stuff of the catwalk but o this was my absolute favourite item they had I love the bold bright pattern and wonderful offset but the black.

Another surprise like for me was this tie dye dress from Jordash clothing not my usual style but I could see my self wearing this dress at many of my events that I go to and would make a lovely addition to my wardrobe.

I will admit I can't ember the name of the company whom make these but my inner geek had a field trip at there stall with all there geeky bits they had bits from TMNT, Zelda and even candy crush but I did fall in love with the PS1 bits they had.

I also got chatting to they people from crazy colour who gave me a sample to try of there hair dye which I shall be using soon after the manic panic hair dye has faded.

I also got to talking to a wonderful lady from sensationelle and was there promoting her glitter lips which I tried out and they where amazing and I naughtily bought a couple on the day and may have bought a few more since they are so easy to use and and surprisingly  they last a pretty much all day. 

So that is the highlights from London edge sorry again it took me so long to post.