Monday, 15 September 2014


I am so excited I have just found out that I have won Hysteria Machine top fan competition so I got to choice up to £50 worth of hysteria machine items woohoo! 

I actually squealed with delight and shock at the news, which set my wonderful German Shepard Prince AKA Woo Bear running all over the place and around in circles trying to figure out what was going on that was hilarious to watch.

 My Woo bear <3

It took me ages to decide not what I want but to cut down the list from everything to only a few select Items I eventually chose three item a ouiji necklace, spiked headdress and little crown, seriously beyond excited can't wait see them!! I put up pictures as soon as they arrive plus I will definitely be thrying them on as soon as they get here.

Today I was wear two of my new birthday present first was this lovely black skater style dress with matching belt  which I got in a local shop called Femme on sale for a bargain. I added my wonderful new red legging with a glitter peacock for a little colour because its very rare that I wear all black a girls got to have a little colour and glitter in her life and top it of with my amazing Hysteria Machine labyrinth necklace.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

This week

So Sorry for not posting for while had  busy week  this week filled mostly with work, my volunteer job in my local community centre, I also had to go with my mother to a few doctors appointments and most unfortunately had to attend a funeral for a family friend so understandably not been on-line much this week.

Top highlights of the week where I went to the opening of Oxford streets brand new flagship store of simply be and all I can say is they are amazing the staff where so helpful and kind, literally could not do more for me I had a wonderful bra fitting and I do say the bra they recommended is unbelievably comfortable and fits perfectly. they have a beautiful Joe brown collection one of my favourite designers and I fell in love with a purple skater dress which I will purchase hopeful when I get paid again. Like with anything new they where a few bug mostly I think they need a little more practice before hand with the till as they seemed to be unsure with the system but other that a wonderful shopping experience. 

Another highlight was my birthday and the presents one of my wonderful present's was this lovely Yours clothing be your own kind of beautiful and that pretty much says everything I stand for, I love all different things and believe that everyone should be able to express them selves how every they want and that beauty is not just what is seen on TV and magazine and that everyone is beautiful in there own unique way. I top it off with my new crown and glory purple stars headband, hey is I am going to be beautiful why not add glitter and shine like a star.

Another of my favourite outfits for this week was a old but much love roses and glitter top match with new skinny fit Evans jeans topped off with a crown and glory flower head band, A simple yet beautiful outfit perfect for a relaxed Friday at work.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Happy birthday to me

It my birthday and today I am wearing the first of my birthday presents I got on Saturday
The first is the lovely pink top which was from yours clothing I love how flowing it feels without being or feeling like I am wearing a tent the only down size it is a little see trough so white or pink bra only with this top.

The legging are another of my yours clothing finds in fact I love them such I bought two, they fit lovely and come in different lengths so someone like me with short leg it fantastic plus they are generous so I had to get the next size down or I lost weight which I doubt.

I love my jelly shoe from Primark, ok I bought this a few weeks ago but haven't worn them yet and I love they are so pretty they are a bit big but they are a 7/8 and I am 7 so it’s to be expected.

With my hair today I tried something a little different which was a to attempt a messy plait bun which in my opinion turn out quite well so I topped it off with another crown and glory headband I think the little pink and white roses are so cute.

I had a little birthday surprise my family took me out to Wofat Chinese restaurant and was delicious and they were so friendly and helpful and to top a wonderful night we had a clear sky and an excellent view of the final super moon of this year and it was spectacular.So in all a wonderful birthday great food wonderful company and pressies which were mostly clothing, alcohol and accessories.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Working hard play harder

Full day today working first thing then I went out shopping for birthday present thank mum and this evening hang out with my friends so I decided to a simple and easily maintainable hair do just a pin up the sides and add a beautiful fascinator and tada a quick and easy hair style that looks fab.

Dress is from new look it a simple dress great for work and goes well with the yours clothing legging.

My current obsession is that work my hysteria machine and the labyrinth necklace is one of her amazing collect. I cannot tell you just how wonderfully talented woman she is I will pop a link and you can see for yourself.

After it was shopping time and for the first time in ages I went into Evans and didn't buy a thing I tried on a few dress including  vans Scarlett and Jo 2 in 1 floral prom dress I tried both the types and I found that the waist band was so low on me that no matter what I did I could not get the dresses to lay correctly I was quite upset as I seen them on-line and had fallen in love with them but they were just so unflattering.
Another dress I tried on was a stripped floral maxi dress and there was only one word and it was horrible I it look nice on the rail but as soon as I put it on the fit was lovely but the pattern was just yuck, plus it made by bust look flat no wonder it was on sale.

Yours clothing at least I had some success I bought a dress and a couple of tops which I be wearing this week but there was a few item in yours that I loved but had a few flaw the most annoying was this beautiful red and black floral skater dress which looked amazing I would have bought it but the top area was very boxy and was way to large so I would have to have it adjusted which just but me off other then that it was a wonderful dress.
I also liked a  half leather look trousers they felt nice and where very comfortable but the fit was not very flattering it hugged to much on the stomach so made me look a little bigger other than that was wonderful.

After a semi successful shopping trip I went had a girlie night in with my friend a few Jack Daniels and a couple of movies, Hugh Jackman is so yummy!

I still have some birthday money left so that mean another shopping trip later on in the week woohoo!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Casual friday

Today is kind of a casual friday feel for me a easy to do hair style with nice fitting skinny jeans for that relaxed and confortable feeling.

Jeans are from Evans a lovely fit hugs in all the right places.
My favorite top which I always wear when I feeling a bit down I love the way it fits and it makes my boobs look amazing!  I got my top as a bargain form a market stall a while ago and loved it ever since.

My brooch is one my accessories from this month glitterati from crown and glory, it was from their rocknroll bride collection. This accessories that can be either a stunning brooch or a cute little hair fascinator and in my opinion a wonderful little accessory.

My necklace is a treasure of mine it is the Auryn from the never ending story which was one of my most loved movies from my childhood and sparked my love affair with the written word I know own 4 book cases full of wonderful book which yes I have read nearly all of them.

My hair today I kind of done a simple and lazy style suicide roll which took I life of its own even though it looks nice I am in sure mostly because I feel that it not the look I was originally try to do but I ran out of time this morning and I for got to put my lovely fascinator oops.

Best of a bad hair day

Ok today I woke up late for work with the most horrendous bed head and no matter what I tired to do my hair remained wild like a big ball for frizz.
I gave up and just decided today just turn thay ball of fizz into a almost 80's inspired big hair do and it made look like i had a lions mane so combined mith cat ears and tada.

I am a lion hear me roar! lol

sorry its not the best picture 

Headband another wonderful creation from the lovely people at crown and glory I total recommend them especially if you like big and bold hair accessories. I have even a member of there glitterati so every month I get a wonderful box with surprize accessories.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Hello All!

This my first time righting a blog, How about I start with a little introduction I am Tammy-Michelle a receptionist from Loughton. I am little weird my current interest is my hair loving my new blonde hair colour and started this blog to show off my love for my hair and my hair accessories. I also love fashion I would say my sense of fashion as eclectic but I do love vintage style dresses. 

Today I was feeling like a flower princess with poppies !

Dress was from New Look 
Headband from Crown and Glory
Bracelets are Bad Pollyanna and  S.O.P.H.I.E Charity bands 

I love this dress I  bought it a couple of years ago and just love I have worn it many time but goes wonderfully with my new grown and glory headband. I am a huge fan of the of S.O.P.H.I.E foundation which was set up by Sylvia Lancaster after the the murder of her daughter Sophie. Her aim is to stamp out prejudice, hatred and intolerance towards people of alternative subcultures. The band Bad Pollyanna are not only a amazing band but are also have teamed up with the S.O.P.H.I.E foundation to released a charity song called invincible Girl in Sophie's honour.

My hair I tired to do a princess roll kind of look on either side of the headband which is probably why i went around saying I was a flower princess all day lol, I think the princess roll made it look more interesting then when I had just the headband without the rolls.