Thursday, 8 January 2015

Broken leg and nightvale

Hello everybody

 sorry been area for ages I had a little accident on my sisters birthday I thought I was just a bad sprain only to put a week later that I had in fact broken my leg and have been on crutches for the last eight weeks, put if I do say for my self I had a beautiful bruise.
the bruise developing and a great shot of my koi tattoo
picture my beautiful bruise waiting in the hospital to be plastered

My most saddest thing about breaking my leg was that I had bought tickets for a Halloween haunted maze but couldn't go as it had stairs and I was a health and safety risk I even plan an amazing outfit and tried and tested a epic witches makeup to wear using some new liquid latex me and my sister found in party fiesta.

But having a broken leg didn't stop me I went to club anti Christ in the beginning of November and had a great time crutches and all. I was the amazing joe black perform he is such a great performer and artist, the other great performer was Marnie scarlet ,
I also got to see the amazing Alix fox compare again
Amazing Alix fox 

A great performer joe black 

Another great performer Marnie Scarlet

I still had a the pleasure of seeing welcome to nightvale live show and the amazing people at the shepards bush empire exchanged my ticket from the third floor to two rows from the stage because I had a broken leg. I can not praise the staff enough they where so kind and accommodating.

The cast of welcome to nightvale

The t shirt I got myselve in the purple and I got the other for Alix fox who couldn't make it.