Monday, 15 September 2014


I am so excited I have just found out that I have won Hysteria Machine top fan competition so I got to choice up to £50 worth of hysteria machine items woohoo! 

I actually squealed with delight and shock at the news, which set my wonderful German Shepard Prince AKA Woo Bear running all over the place and around in circles trying to figure out what was going on that was hilarious to watch.

 My Woo bear <3

It took me ages to decide not what I want but to cut down the list from everything to only a few select Items I eventually chose three item a ouiji necklace, spiked headdress and little crown, seriously beyond excited can't wait see them!! I put up pictures as soon as they arrive plus I will definitely be thrying them on as soon as they get here.

Today I was wear two of my new birthday present first was this lovely black skater style dress with matching belt  which I got in a local shop called Femme on sale for a bargain. I added my wonderful new red legging with a glitter peacock for a little colour because its very rare that I wear all black a girls got to have a little colour and glitter in her life and top it of with my amazing Hysteria Machine labyrinth necklace.