Friday, 20 February 2015

Club indulge's Valentine's Day masquerade

Last week end me and april went to club indulge which a club for plus size people and those who admire them.
It was our very first going and it was also their Valentine's Day masquerade the club according the map I used was in between St Paul and Bank station so when we arrived at St Paul's station I thought it would be a little bit of a walk to the club but to my surprise it was only two minutes away max and was so easy to find and most of all I didn't get lost which makes a change for me.

The lady who greeted us when we forgot there was both friendly and welcoming, we quickly got our wrist bands and we where given a lock each and every gentleman who arrive would recieved a key and if you found the key to your lock both would win a little prize, unfortunately I never did find out what the prize was as I never found the matching key. 😢

The music wasn't my usal type that I listen to personally but they play a good range of music and there where plenty of song I could get up and dance along to. Everyone I meet there where very welcoming and friendly even if did freak them out a little by have zombies on my dress lol.

Me and April with one of the many lovely ladies we met at the club.

One of the people who run club indulge he was so funning and welcoming plus he let me and April stroke his beard!

The only problem that I felt was either music was too loud and I found it very difficult to talk or even order my drinks, but other than it was a good night I met a few new people and had a wonderful time and would totally recommend club indulge for a good night out.