Monday, 2 February 2015

Fat positive London plus size clothes swap

Me and my sister had a massive clear out of clothes we don't wear including quite a few which had never been worn and still had there tags on. It felt like a waste having all these wonderful clothes that were just stilling in a wardrobe gathering dust so when we came across the fat positive clothes swap we thought it would be a great idea of taking most of the clothes we had been about to get rid of there as we would rather go to people we know would love them then through them away, in the end we took a whole suit case full plus two bag of clothes to the swap we also had a bag full which we gave to our local charity shop as we couldn't carry anymore with us that day.

When we arrived we got there we walked past swap three times as we keep missing it  stuiped gps kept telling too walk further than we where to far, put eventually we found it and we where greeted by the lovely ladies who had set it up and helped us put out all the clothes which we had brought. 

The thing I really like was how well they had organised the layout of the clothes they had set up a table of every size so it was so easy to find things in your size and to put things out. A previous clothes swap I had been to in the past had pretty much just put every thing on yo one big table and you had to rummage and try to find your size.

I did find it completely surreal watching people fall in love and try on your clothes it was full of mixed emotions remembering how I had loved the clothes when I had first saw them and even times I had worn but on the other hand  I had a warm feel knowing they where going to a good home and would be loved and used not stuck at the back of the wardrobe.

I went a little mad and made a dash for this amazing donation of a leather biker jacket in my size as I have always wanted a leather jacket but either couldn't afford it or they never had my size in stock i was seriously thankful to the lady for such an amazing donation I can tell her with certainty I will be well loved and worn often.

I also fell in love with this amazing joe brown dress which was brand new the lady had never worn it and I still had its tag and a plus is it go great with the biker jacket I got.

I also got a lovely Beth ditto top from the swap which looks amazing with my biker jacket totally rock chic feel to it.

I also got a joe brown jumper in my fravourite colour good for the cold winter days 

Not only did I get some amazing thing so did my sister she got two yes two gorgeous corsets one was denium so great for every day wear the second was a great pleather corset which would be an excellent addition to the club wear outfits.

This april trying on the corset at the clothes swap and the wonderful lady who hand made her corset helping lace april up.

Yes that me trying on april new corset which fet her perfectly my is just a little big on the bust for me or I would have totally borrowed and never returned. 

Other than the amazing people and wonder full time we had I also have yo say the vegan brownie that they where selling there which was hand baked was amazing totally chocolaty and still gooey.