Monday, 2 February 2015

London edge part 1

I was one of the lucky few who where selected to take part of the voodoo vixen and jawbreaker bloggers event at London edge trade show. Where I was given a wonderfully amazing voodoo vixen dress which was so lovely the material was thicker than other pin up dresses I have bought so it give the feel that it will really last plus it was very soft to the touch I was one of those dresses you love to fell and touch.

The print was great at first when I saw it the picture I was I like but I am so fussy with print the can't be to large and really hate them if they are too busy and I felt that the dress had pretty much got it perfect for me, I like how there are a few different little kitty cats designs on the dress but yet it didn't feel like it was overloaded with them. I my option voodoo vixen hit the print jackpot detailed and beautiful print without it being over bearing.

After I was given the dress to put on the lovely and talented ladies which they had doing the mini make overs did my hair and make up which was a lovely soft pastel purple eyeshadow and lovely red lipstick top off with victory roll to give me great pin up look. 

Thank you so much girl you made feel really beautiful!!

I also got to hear an interview cat Williams from rock and roll bride who is a totally inspiration for me as I am just started blogging and I great to see a woman who started like me blogging as a hobby in her spare time and now seeing how far she has come, she has set up a magazine inspired by her blog and a blogging academy to help other bloggers.

Oh I loved the bloggers area where the interview was held mostly because they where supplying me with champagne and it was a great to meet and chat with some other blogger other than my friend and to discuss about all the different blogs and to get some advice as I was starting out.

We also recieved a lovely goodie bag filled to the brim with amazing bits!

A few of my fravourites from the goodie bag is the Is the wonderful Banned apparel cardigan which I was the first thing I noticed it, I love the little cup cake design. I found the sizing quite generous and the fabric was soft and felt good against the skin.

I also like the jawbreaker scarf which I was given it was like the had picked all my fravourite colour and combined them into a scarf just for me! I have worn it everyday since London edge.

The biggest shock for me was the cherry loco necklace as I have bought a few necklaces from the in the past and I have been trying to decide for a while which necklace I should get next it has been between the iron man or the cat one for a while now I don't need to decide and I can have both as i was lucky enough to get the cat in the goodie bag woohoo plus I know what I'm treating myself to on payday.

I also recieved this beauty from miss candy floss In the goodie bag and I do have a thing for hair fascinators they go so well with anything to add that little bit extra to an outfit and this pretty was not exception I love the hibscus flower they used to grow in my garden when I was a child until moved a few years ago and it being pink my fravourite colour. 

The Asgard bracelet at first wasn't really that interesting to me compared to some of the items I that where in the goodie bag it wasn't until I took a good look at I saw how well crafted the bra let was and all the lovely details and the more I look at it the more I grow to love this bracelet especially as it's not my usally style of jewellery that I would choose. It had a good weight to to it so it feel nice to wear and you feel the quality in the weight so I not so afraid to break it as I am terriably clumsy and alway catching my bracelets and rings usally breaking in the process.

The only bad part thing about the day was that we couldn't stay for longer at the after party as we had to be up early for work the next day, but we where able to stay for a few drinks and we had a wonderful day!