Thursday, 28 May 2015

Mcm London comic con

This weekend just gone I got to release my inner geek at the London mcm comic con where I dressed up as in a Star Trek uniform which I made using a on old dress which I think turn out great especially as it was last minute.

I went with my best friend, her fiancée, my cousin and my sister it was wonderful to have us all together again as it's been a while since we all able to just hang out together. We really need to do more anime/ movie marathon nights.

The best thing at comic con is how great everyone looks dressed up in their and my favourite characters the best costume in my opinion was the guy who was dressed up as pikachu co splaying as Thor it was ingenious and I could do it those suits are notoriously hot but he looked great.

Here are some more great costumes from the day

We got to see the delorean from back to the future and the bat mobile from Arkham Knight.

Not only did they have a bat mobile they had a display of some funky batman costume on display as well but they where mean and would let me have the punk and orange one :(

We also got to see a world premiere clip of the new predator dark ages movie and I have to say it look like it going to be a good movie and they had a epic predator cosplayer to help promote the movie.

There was also a hello kitty area which I want allowed to spend to much time in as they said I was starting to get weirder than normal is that even possible? Lol

There was the usually dragon ball cosplay group photo where everyone has to do the dragon ball pose and the classic dragon ball scream/shout.

I had to cuddle the life size baymax from big hero six even though I'm pretty sure we where not suppose to but no one stopped me expect a small child who wanted a photo with him. 

I had such a great time at comic con there is alway such a fun and accepting atmosphere  where you can be completely weird like walking around with a hello kitty balloon hat or give a giant hug to a statute.

I have to leave on this note I love this guys costumes to amazing and there some much detail but AM IRON MAN !!