Tuesday, 19 May 2015

London edge part 2

It's taken me a while to finally get this section posted mostly because I lost my camera and with the majority of the pictures I had taken on the day I had found out that my brother had "borrowed" the camera a while ago and had for got give it back to me so I am apologising for the lateness of this post.

Firstly my highlights from the cat walk show at London edge 

My favourite pieces mostly came from banned apparel 
I like this dress not only because it one of my favourite colours but I like the pineapple pattern.

I like this dress it's another wonderful tropical print and I love the neck line which is similar to that of the kitty dress from voodoo vixen.

I fell in love with this backpack from banned even though it's technically for me I love it and the hood is a great idea in fact after London edge I bought this backpack and it in another colour.

A few from the alchemy collection 

This a lovely wiggle dress and the rose pattern is really striking

  This I a beautiful classic punk/goth style dress which I love especially the chain detail.

I was very surprised how much I like this jogging suit from alchemy as I usually hate jogging suit with a vengeance but I loved this one it is a nice faded black colour and has a wonderful diamanté design on the back which unfortunately I didn't get a great picture of.

After the cat walk I went around looking all the different stall and found a few interesting items 

The first stall I looked at was for banned apparel as they had such great stuff of the catwalk but o this was my absolute favourite item they had I love the bold bright pattern and wonderful offset but the black.

Another surprise like for me was this tie dye dress from Jordash clothing not my usual style but I could see my self wearing this dress at many of my events that I go to and would make a lovely addition to my wardrobe.

I will admit I can't ember the name of the company whom make these but my inner geek had a field trip at there stall with all there geeky bits they had bits from TMNT, Zelda and even candy crush but I did fall in love with the PS1 bits they had.

I also got chatting to they people from crazy colour who gave me a sample to try of there hair dye which I shall be using soon after the manic panic hair dye has faded.

I also got to talking to a wonderful lady from sensationelle and was there promoting her glitter lips which I tried out and they where amazing and I naughtily bought a couple on the day and may have bought a few more since they are so easy to use and and surprisingly  they last a pretty much all day. 

So that is the highlights from London edge sorry again it took me so long to post.