Saturday, 30 May 2015

Manic panic hair dye

Ok I tried manic panic hair dye for the first time the other week I've been dying my hair since I high school and I have only ever used conventual hair dye that you find in the supermarkets such as live colour, nice and easy ect, but a while ago I was introduced to manic panic by a friend and I was really into there against animal testing and completely surprise and love the fact that the hair dye is completely vegan friendly I had to buy one.

I've been building up the courage to dye my hair epically as it's such a dramatic colour and will make such a statement and as I have been going through a bad time with things at the moment so I thought now is the time to make a change so decided I give it a go.

I heard that it get everywhere and on everything but I didn't have any problem all I got was a small bit on my arm and neck which came off with a little scrubbing like any normal dye I've used in the past, the only town side is that bevause it's only semi permanent it did run a bit after I washed my hair I solved that by putting my hair up in a clip after washing my hair until I need to dry it.

The pot recommend leaving in for 30 minutes where I actually left for a little longer and I did apply the heat from a hair dryer as recommend to help give a more vibrant colourso After approximately 50 or so minutes I rinsed out with cold water as I heard that the cold water help lock the colour in better.

so far I had fushsia shock colour hair for three weeks and I don't see any fading in the colour as yet and my hair still feel nice and soft and never it did not have that horrible smell that you that you usually get after you've coloured your hair. 
I would totally recommend manic panic not only did take beautifully on my hair it was easy to use and I didn't even use the whole pot so I have some left over for when I need to touch up the colour I like so much in I've just bought the purple haze for my sister as she loves how well my hair has turned out.

After three weeks still looking nice and bright 😆