Sunday, 31 May 2015

June blogger challenge

I came across daily blogger challenge for the month of June on my big fat blog and I thought it was a great idea and I would like to take part in, so here is my post for today's and the theme for todays challenge is the reason behind your blog name.

My blog name is my real name it actually took me ages to come with anything as I kept drawing blank on a name or its was already taken, so I thought about what I want this blog to represent and the answer was simple I wanted it to be about me as I am take it or leave it and I didn't and don't really expect anyone to be reading my blog. 

I feel like my blog is almost like a self help tool for my depression  I like writing down all the about the positive things I've done and when I've had a great day out I then look back on them on my bad days and say it will pass and I also feel like I don't have hide anything on here so this is me Tammy-Michelle.