Sunday, 7 September 2014

Working hard play harder

Full day today working first thing then I went out shopping for birthday present thank mum and this evening hang out with my friends so I decided to a simple and easily maintainable hair do just a pin up the sides and add a beautiful fascinator and tada a quick and easy hair style that looks fab.

Dress is from new look it a simple dress great for work and goes well with the yours clothing legging.

My current obsession is that work my hysteria machine and the labyrinth necklace is one of her amazing collect. I cannot tell you just how wonderfully talented woman she is I will pop a link and you can see for yourself.

After it was shopping time and for the first time in ages I went into Evans and didn't buy a thing I tried on a few dress including  vans Scarlett and Jo 2 in 1 floral prom dress I tried both the types and I found that the waist band was so low on me that no matter what I did I could not get the dresses to lay correctly I was quite upset as I seen them on-line and had fallen in love with them but they were just so unflattering.
Another dress I tried on was a stripped floral maxi dress and there was only one word and it was horrible I it look nice on the rail but as soon as I put it on the fit was lovely but the pattern was just yuck, plus it made by bust look flat no wonder it was on sale.

Yours clothing at least I had some success I bought a dress and a couple of tops which I be wearing this week but there was a few item in yours that I loved but had a few flaw the most annoying was this beautiful red and black floral skater dress which looked amazing I would have bought it but the top area was very boxy and was way to large so I would have to have it adjusted which just but me off other then that it was a wonderful dress.
I also liked a  half leather look trousers they felt nice and where very comfortable but the fit was not very flattering it hugged to much on the stomach so made me look a little bigger other than that was wonderful.

After a semi successful shopping trip I went had a girlie night in with my friend a few Jack Daniels and a couple of movies, Hugh Jackman is so yummy!

I still have some birthday money left so that mean another shopping trip later on in the week woohoo!