Sunday, 14 September 2014

This week

So Sorry for not posting for while had  busy week  this week filled mostly with work, my volunteer job in my local community centre, I also had to go with my mother to a few doctors appointments and most unfortunately had to attend a funeral for a family friend so understandably not been on-line much this week.

Top highlights of the week where I went to the opening of Oxford streets brand new flagship store of simply be and all I can say is they are amazing the staff where so helpful and kind, literally could not do more for me I had a wonderful bra fitting and I do say the bra they recommended is unbelievably comfortable and fits perfectly. they have a beautiful Joe brown collection one of my favourite designers and I fell in love with a purple skater dress which I will purchase hopeful when I get paid again. Like with anything new they where a few bug mostly I think they need a little more practice before hand with the till as they seemed to be unsure with the system but other that a wonderful shopping experience. 

Another highlight was my birthday and the presents one of my wonderful present's was this lovely Yours clothing be your own kind of beautiful and that pretty much says everything I stand for, I love all different things and believe that everyone should be able to express them selves how every they want and that beauty is not just what is seen on TV and magazine and that everyone is beautiful in there own unique way. I top it off with my new crown and glory purple stars headband, hey is I am going to be beautiful why not add glitter and shine like a star.

Another of my favourite outfits for this week was a old but much love roses and glitter top match with new skinny fit Evans jeans topped off with a crown and glory flower head band, A simple yet beautiful outfit perfect for a relaxed Friday at work.