Friday, 5 September 2014

Casual friday

Today is kind of a casual friday feel for me a easy to do hair style with nice fitting skinny jeans for that relaxed and confortable feeling.

Jeans are from Evans a lovely fit hugs in all the right places.
My favorite top which I always wear when I feeling a bit down I love the way it fits and it makes my boobs look amazing!  I got my top as a bargain form a market stall a while ago and loved it ever since.

My brooch is one my accessories from this month glitterati from crown and glory, it was from their rocknroll bride collection. This accessories that can be either a stunning brooch or a cute little hair fascinator and in my opinion a wonderful little accessory.

My necklace is a treasure of mine it is the Auryn from the never ending story which was one of my most loved movies from my childhood and sparked my love affair with the written word I know own 4 book cases full of wonderful book which yes I have read nearly all of them.

My hair today I kind of done a simple and lazy style suicide roll which took I life of its own even though it looks nice I am in sure mostly because I feel that it not the look I was originally try to do but I ran out of time this morning and I for got to put my lovely fascinator oops.