Monday, 8 September 2014

Happy birthday to me

It my birthday and today I am wearing the first of my birthday presents I got on Saturday
The first is the lovely pink top which was from yours clothing I love how flowing it feels without being or feeling like I am wearing a tent the only down size it is a little see trough so white or pink bra only with this top.

The legging are another of my yours clothing finds in fact I love them such I bought two, they fit lovely and come in different lengths so someone like me with short leg it fantastic plus they are generous so I had to get the next size down or I lost weight which I doubt.

I love my jelly shoe from Primark, ok I bought this a few weeks ago but haven't worn them yet and I love they are so pretty they are a bit big but they are a 7/8 and I am 7 so it’s to be expected.

With my hair today I tried something a little different which was a to attempt a messy plait bun which in my opinion turn out quite well so I topped it off with another crown and glory headband I think the little pink and white roses are so cute.

I had a little birthday surprise my family took me out to Wofat Chinese restaurant and was delicious and they were so friendly and helpful and to top a wonderful night we had a clear sky and an excellent view of the final super moon of this year and it was spectacular.So in all a wonderful birthday great food wonderful company and pressies which were mostly clothing, alcohol and accessories.