Monday, 1 June 2015

Make up must haves

As you can tell I rarely wear make up on a day to day basis I like to feel that make up is for special occasion but I do have the odd bit that I like to wear more than others.

My first make up must have is Niva pearly shine lip balm I keep on me pretty much all the time for when my lip are a bits chapped or I want to add a little splash colour.

My second are up must have is Rimmel Matt foundation as it is one of the few foundation that I have found that covers the colour in my cheeks known as rosey cheek syndrome it cause by my hormones making my blood go to cheek giving me the appearance that I am blushing on the positive I've never needed to use blusher :D

My third make up must have is glitter lips they are always a show stopper great of the event or nights out when you want to impress and it's so easy to apply just put on the glue like lips gloss and dap lips with the glitter and presto amazing lips.

My forth make up must have is a show stopping red lipstick perfect for those retro looks or for a girls night out as  I like how the red draws people attention to my lips and give a sensual look.

My fifth and last make up must have is natural eyeshadow mainly because if I have had a heavy weekend  I like to wear a little foundation and some natural eyeshadow and it pretty much make me look human again even if I don't feel like it.

That's my make up must haves it's the third part of my June daily blog challenge.