Wednesday, 10 June 2015

5 beauty secrets

This is a list of my top 5 beauty products that I use that make look and feel gorgeous

The first is rub rub rub exfoliating shower scrub

It's a wonderful handmade not test on animals product from lush cosmetics is sea salt based so none of those horrible plastic micro beads and does a much better job of it, all I do is take some and rub my self down before my bath or shower to get rid of the dead skin wasps it off and all that's left is wonderfully soft skins.

My second beauty secret is this one light hair oil 

It is a vegan cruelty free hair oil with a than, penguins and jojoba oils, I take a couple of squirts on to my hand and then rub the oil into my hair after washing and give my hair a lovely shine and it helps with the frizz and leave my hair wonderfully soft.

My third beauty secret is E45 nourish and restore

E45 is a great dematological moisturiser suitable for those with Eczema and other skin complaint and the nourish and restore just make my skin feel a lot more softer and hydrated compared the the original and it also helps with softening my hard skin.

My forth beauty secret is panten pro v instant damage defence conditioning spray 

This is a spray surprising design for those of us that have naturally thick hair all I do is spray it onto my hair when it's feeling a little dry or generally horrible for some reason and once it's dry it feels like amazing soft and manageable.

My fifth  beauty secret is mandara spa miracle oil

I was given this a part of a Christmas present and for a while had no idea what to do with it as you can use it as a moisturiser, massage oil, bath oil and a type of hair oil I use it more as a bath oil and you only need a few drops but it does the job leave your skin feeling nice and silky when you get out.

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