Wednesday, 17 June 2015

5 top apps

My top 5 apps 

1. Bloggers app is my number 1app at the moment as it allows me to write a blog post or ideas for my blog while I'm on the move.

2. Facebook is another favourite app as it allows me to keep connected with my friend and family, especially as most of my family is scattered across the world.

3 Instagram allows me to post my favourite pictures and share them with people and I can also link with my Twitter and Facebook makes it easier to share.

4. eBay app is great for me to look up for some nice bargains and I have gotten quite a few deals on there over the years. 

5  the netflixs app u last of my top 5 it's great for my down time to watch a quick TV episode or even watch a movie on the tablet with a friend. I am really into their sense8 show and grace and frankie shows they are really good.

Day 17 of the blog everyday in June challenge.