Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Lush goodie bag

After the lush VIP event we were given a goodie bag each as we went home, I was so excited to see what was in the bag I couldn't wait till I got home and so I open it on the train.

When I spend the bag inside was a box wrapped in one the of Lush's scarfs which are made from 100% recycled plastic yet they feel so soft.

To my surprise there was more than just a box but a few other items as well which included steeping stones foot scrub, rub rub rub shower scrub, Sakura bath bomb, mask of magnaminty face mask and sunblock sunscreen wash as well as the butterfly gift box.

The irony was that rub rub rub, mask of magnaminty and Sakura bath bomb were all my favourites and I had only bought a new set the previous week. 

I was a little more patient with opening the butterfly (mostly because it told me what was inside on the box) so I waited till I got home to open it. Inside the butterfly gift box is the sultana of soap and Ro's argon body conditioner, which I can't wait to try out.

Here a picture of everything I got from the lush VIP event including a few item I bought which where exclusive from the Oxford street branch brought over for a limited time.