Friday, 5 June 2015

Blog roll call

A list bloggers that have inspired me be over this short time I have been blogging they are all wonderfully, amazing, fabulous, beautiful and talented women.

Jodie from be a goddess not only is she one of my oldest friends she is an amazing blogger it was her blog that inspired me to start my own blog  and she introduced to me quite a few different brands that I would have never known existed such as voodoo vixen, banned and iron fist which are now some of my fravorite brands.

Debz from not so secret diary of a wannabe princess debz is a wonderful blogger she post pretty much on a daily basis and she dose a lot of activism for plus size people I loved her WeAreTheThey hashtag which had an amazing response and was such a positive response to frankly a nasty comment.

Betty from pampers and curves she such a wonderful lady in real I've and you can feel her warmth and bubbly personality I her blog she is also party of Nicky Rockets tshirts which are amazing and I love the positive message they all send 

Sarah from plus size and proud I like her enthusiasm, her style , her outlook on things and I really proud of her charity fund raising for mind in which she shaved her head and she still look absolutely fabulous. 

I really should mention my sisters blog vampira246 as I'm in it a lot as we do quite a lot of things together like events and clubs and we share quite a few interests got to love her even if she a pain in my buttock most of the time lol.

And of cours there is Tess Munsters blog the lady whom started a revolution in the fashion and modelling world, she's is a beautiful woman her blog is so interesting and inspirational. Her effyourbeautystandards hashtag is now full of other people who have been inspired by her to become more body positive and to promote self love and to bring an end body shaming for all people not just plus size.

day five of the blog daily june challenge