Wednesday, 3 June 2015

My wish list

I will apologise before hand I think that this post may be upsetting for people as at the moment I really only have one wish and that is to have my dog prince woo back as I was forced to rehome him. I had home since he was a tiny little pup with bat ears and huge paws until this ties just a week after his 10th birthday I love him like he was my baby.

I miss him so much at the moment it feels like my heart has been ripped out and some has stabbed me in the stomach at the same time.
 I miss his greeting when I come home

 I miss my good morning kisses

I miss the sound and feel of his paws

I miss him big brown eyes

I miss his obsessive love ball

I miss his belly rubs even if he looked evil when rolled over

I miss that he let my brother do anything to him including painting his paw with lipstick

I fact I miss everything that was my woo I wish I didn't have to give him up but I had no choice, I wish I found another option, I wish I could have one cuddle,one more kiss but I can't. The only I can do is say I love love you woo always have always will you are in heart and in my memories forever. I wish that the people who rehome you love as much I do you are the most beautiful, loving and precious dog.

This is the forth of my blog daily June challenge I'm sorry if might have upset anyone but it's the only wish I have at the moment.