Monday, 29 June 2015

Lush VIP event

The other day I won tickets for the lush VIP event to celebrate the opening of their new Stratford City branch along with April and Jodie who were also lucky enough to win.

In the VIP event we got to see the new store first and I have say it's a hit it looks fantastic and is much more spacious than the previous store. I was talking to one of the the member of staff and they said that all the wood that they had used for the displays and till area was reclaimed which was a big hit with me and I loved the rustic feel it gave the store. 

The first thing we did was to have our hands massage using the same treatment that they uses for the lush spa which was let slip will be one of my birthday presents this year, so I got a little sneak Peak. The treatment that they were using was called the comforter which is a chocolate inspired and smells lovely and left my skin feeling so soft.

We also got to make our own comforter bath bars which we could take home and it was so fun to do even if mine did turn out a little weird and nothing like the professionally made ones.

I had a look around and there where quite a few products that I hadn't seen in the previous store or where new. My favourite was ocean salts non self persevering, I have used the self preserving before but this one has larger pieces of salt and a completely different texture.

I also a fan of the #gayisok soap bar to promote LGBT pride and support equal marriage and rights for those in the LGBT community, I had to buy one to show my support because I believe love has no barriers.

I also loved the new bath bomb display its so much bigger and more organised than the previous stores.