Saturday, 13 June 2015

psycho ward

I went to psycho ward this weekend it's a nightclub but also like a interactive themed night it's set in resistance gallery in Bethnal Green, which was a little hard to find as it was not signposted very well. I was only there second time this event has ever been held and form what I experienced I do t thinks it's going to be the last.

When we arrived we where welcomed by a kind woman whom we chatted we the went into the bathroom to put the finishing touches to our costumes, and they have the most amazing wall paper it's made from old comic book and games sleeves.

I spent ages trying to find my favourite characters there was wolverine. Superman, Loki and the green lantern.


We dresses as crazy nurses to go with the theme, so we put on our nurses costume from a previous night out and applied bandages to our face and arms then covered with fake blood to give that extra effect and if I do say so my self I think it looked amazing.

Once we had finished getting ready we then had our "appointment" with the doctor/nurse where they diagnosed our conditions mine was empathy and we where then give our treatment in form of pill (tic tac's), fake injection or the best was if we where given our medicine (a clove flavoured shot drink which was yummy). It was really fun to have the interactive part and the doctor and nurses where really into there roles.

There was also performances going on throughout the night, my favourite was the amazing marmie scarlet who I have seen perform a number of time and she is always a pleasure to watch and this time was no exceptions.

A few pictures of all the performers from the night

I had a wonderful time at psycho ward and I will be going the next one once its announced, even though it was a much smaller venue and a lot less people than where we usually go to but everyone was so welcoming and friendly. It reminded me of when I first went to club AC and how I was made to feel at home there and now I feel apart of the AC family rather just a bunch of regulars at a club. 

A few psycho ward selfies