Monday, 15 June 2015

My day

Today's pretty much a quite day for me as I don't have work so I didn't get up til 8:30am, which is a pretty good lay in for me.

I then started cleaning my room and doing so washing as I couldn't do it yesterday's because of the rain and I was volunteering to help out with a fun day for the 800th anniversary of the back Magna Carta. 

After cleaning up I then had a wash and got dressed I decide to wear a plain black maxi dress I got from Evans ages ago and tied my hair a pony tail something nice and simple for my day off.

I Then got a nasty email from My pet insurance as I cancelled the policy which really up set me it's not even been two weeks since I had to give prince up and I had contacted them about the situation they where just being rude and nasty, so I phoned them up and they unhelpful in fact I had to get mum mother to call them back as I was in tears having to explain what had happened and they where just so heartless we eventually sorted things out but recommend not using purely pets insurance no sympathy or compassion at all.

I then had lunch with my mother and sister in our favourite cafe and We then went food shopping.

I also received a call from two different recruitment agencies one say saying there is a temp job in my local hospitals HR department and second was for correspondence assistant, so fingers crossed I have a new job soon. :D

Then I cleaned the kitchen before starting dinner today we are having home made Chinese of sweet and sour stir fried chicken with rice and I have be request to bake a lemon drizzle cake from my mum as she fancies some but we forgot to buy eggs when we went shopping so oops so baking for me when I finish work tomorrow.

I then watch the season finale of game of thrones I won't give any spoilers for those how have yet to see it but wow that ending can't wait for the next season.

I then having a bath with a lovely lush bath bomb and then I'm going to bed as I'm on duty tomorrow so good night.

Day 15 of the blog everyday in June challenge.