Saturday, 13 June 2015

Favourite picture

My favourite picture of my self is quite a few years old it's been approximately 8 years since it's taken.

The picture was one of a number of picture I got from when my sister won a free photo shoot in London. We went to the place the photo shoot was being held and we where given a nice warm welcome they even offered us a drink while we wait for our turn with hair and make up.

We then whent into hair and make they let us choose they type of style we wanted I choose to go for a smokey eye make up with curly hair as at the time I usually only used natural make up and would straighten my hair from time to time. The lady whom was doing our make up was really friendly and so talented.

After our make up was done we where introduced to our photographer for the day we then changed into our first of four outfits we had brought for the photo shoot she then choose the best set for the type of clothes we were wearing, for what I was wearing on the picture she choose a set with gold and cream curtain back ground to compliment what I was wearing.

There where quite a few sets we used including a garden where I had another picture, a club seen with microphone which me and april both had a picture taken plus there was a bed room seen with a pole which april had to have a picture taken in. 

The photographer was so professional I love everyone of the pictures she took of me but I only had a couple of pictures free for the competition and didn't have the money then to buy all of them I saw a broke student. Plus she was so funny I remember me and april spending most of our time at the photoshoot laughing our head off because of something the photographer had said.

The photo shoot was such a great day I look back on it with such fondness as I was the beginning of me becoming body positive as it was the first time I truest felt beautiful and I looked amazing in the pictures, It is also one of the few pictures of me with my natural hair colour as soon after I had the photo shoot I dyed maid pink for the first time.

Day 14 of the blog everyday in June challenge.