Sunday, 21 June 2015


Each month I recieve a mystery box from crown and glory known as the glitterati, Full of the most amazing hair accessories. Each month the glitterati has a different theme and comeswrapped with glitter tape so I know straight away when it has arrived.

This months themes was pretty easy to guess as soon as I saw the confetti of palm trees, pineapples and turtles and it was tropical themed!

As soon as I unwrapped the pink paper i squealed with delight, As underneath the card which tells me what I was sent all I could see where orchids which is one of my favourite flowers and a lot of pink.

I then looked through the box and saw some of the most amazing bits and it felt like this months box had been hand picked for me almost all where pink my favourite colour or my favourite flowers, p.s  isn't that hummingbird fascinator the most amazing thing you've seen.

I had to try them on they where so beautiful!