Thursday, 11 June 2015

What makes me happy

A list of 13 things that make me happy

1 my family they may annoy me most of the time but I still love them 

2 my best friends been friends since primary school more like a sister than a friend 

3 all my friends because they are fantastic bunch of people their a little weird but so am I 

4 hugs from my "baby" cousins (they maybe legally adults but they will always be the baby cousins)

5 baby hugs I love hugging my friend and family children they are so sweet and cute.

6 playing board games I like to play games with my friends really cheer me up and I am not in least bit competitive when it comes to rumikub. 😅

7 reading I love to read a good book preference on fantasy or romance at the moment I reading the newest black dagger brotherhood novel.

8 watch a movies with friends all we need is popcorn and a good chin wag and great time had.

9 listening to music can really cheer me up a good song and dance sometimes is the best cure for the blues.

10 baking I love to bake cake mostly even though 90% of the time I don't get any as I take my cakes to share at the local community centre or my brother will eat a load of them.

11 shopping I love go shopping try on new things making a day out of it lots of fun.

12 hair accessories they make me feel really good as when I put the effort into making my hair to look good it make feel good no matter what people say and I only have hair accessories.

13 prince woo my dog I  would had this at number 1 but now that his gone it's not the same, prince woo alway made me feel loved and happy when I was down even now that his no longer with me I still love him unconditionally and feel happy when I see his pictures or think about him.