Monday, 1 June 2015

Nail products

I would love to say that I have wonderfully painted nails but sadly I don't if fact I don't really have many fravorite products other then my nail clippers and as I am always breaking my nails it feels like everyday I have clip my nails made worse as my nail do grow incredibly quickly which does annoy so of my friends how can't grow their nails and I have to cut them back at least every other week as they have grown to long.

I usually wear the occasional peoce of nail polish my fravorite being  my uv pink nail polish great for at the clubs.

I was recently given a load of nail polish as a present from a friend which I have yet to used love the colours and already planning the matching outfits fits for them the green would look great with the voodoo vixen dress, the red with my favourite red roses print dress and the blue maybe the new blue top I got.

This part 6 in the blog every day in June challenge