Wednesday, 24 June 2015

eBay bargain

I haven't bought much from eBay for a while now the last thing I bought was this cute little owl backbag for my friend for just over £5 and she loves it so much she asked me to get one for each of her nieces.

Another bargain I recently purchased from eBay was this beautiful corset for the making value of £9 new with tags.
I though was a under bust when I was bidding and I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived it was and It turned out to be over bust as I was looking to buy one later on that month so that saved me even more money.

My last eBay bargain I have had in the last few week was a large collection of extra fine glitter I got nearly 50 small pots in variety of colour for only £6, where as I usally have to pay £1 an pot. I use the glitter for some of our cosplay make up.