Tuesday, 9 June 2015

What is my bag?

What's in my bag? Good question I usually don't know as its filled with random stuff I just throw in it but today because I had to go and register at a recruitment agency I did use my usual banned apparel back back but "borrowed" my sisters studded shoulder bag as I thought would go betters itch my outfit / look more professional than the backpack I know exactly what's inside.

Firstly my Star Trek wallet isn't it amazing I got at MCM Comic Con last month and I love it and I have the matching messenger bag which I got last years comic con.

Second is my passport and documents I needed to register and I a cute hello kitty cover for my passport which I got in Clinton cards a few years ago.

The third bit of stuff I have in my bay is the makeup and hair essentials in case some thing goes wrong like the foundation comes off, I start getting panda eyes or worse the lovely hair I done this morning start coming undone. 

A pack of my favourite flavour chewing gum cool breeze yum, I have it just in case of bad breath nothing worse than talking to someone and smelling what they had to eat.

My hair brush the wonderful tangle tamer great for knotty hair and I always carry a hairy brush as my hair gets knotted so easily. 

My Oyster card holder I got this from London edge earlier this year it's a really nice holder and not a bad artist if I do say so.

A pen for the forms that I had to fill in and it's always good to keep one on you just in case.

Lastly is my mobile phone and head phones to keep in contact with people and to listen to some music while travelling.

Day 11of the blog daily challenge for June