Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Summer lip stick

In the summer other than the red I wear of a nights out which  I wear all year round, I tend to switch to a natural tone lip stick and the one I'm favouring at the moment is golden spice from oil of Olay. 

What I like most about is that it is very moist, very long lasting, has a wonderful shine to it, I wear it all day and I rarely need to top up the colour.
It is great colour for a natural look make up for use with every day wear or even with a nice smoke eyes look it  would be good for a evening out, so a very versatile lipstick.

Other than that I usually just wear lip balm either the pearly shine for that splash of colour or hydro care both from Nivea they are my preferred brand of lip balm as I feel that niveas lip balm make my lips feel nice and soft and repair my dry damaged lips better than others I have tried in the past and I have tried quite few over the years and this is the product I always go back to as it just works for me.